Internet - Frequently Asked Questions

What uses the most of my data allowance?

Different content uses different amounts of data

Content like software updates and gaming apps will usually use more of your data allowance than browsing websites. Streaming movies and music from video on demand services or social media services can also use a lot of data.

Here is a rough guide to how much data you would typically use accessing different content:

Content Estimated data usage in 1 hour
Basic Web Browsing - Emails, Google Search, News and Weather (i.e. text-based content). 10-50 MB
Streaming Audio Content - Spotify, iTunes, Google Play. Low-quality: 25MB - 50MB
Medium-quality: 50MB - 100MB
High-quality: 100MB - 150 MB
Streaming Video Content - Netflix, YouTube, Foxtel Now. Low definition: 300MB
Standard definition: 700MB
High Definition: 3GB
Gaming - Online, PlayStation, Xbox. 100MB - 1GB depending on game play.
Check out your Games Official Help page for more information about data consumption.

How much of my data allowance have I got left?

If you don't know your data allowance or how much of your data allowance you have left in your billing cycle, you can find out by checking your data usage meter through the below options.

  • Log into the PLR Residents Portal (only available to certain PLR sites at present)
  • Call the PLR Internet Help Desk

  • How can I manage my data usage better?

  • Make sure we have your email address so we can send you notification emails when you reach 50%, 75% and 100% of your monthly allowance.
  • Make sure other people can't access your Wi-Fi or home network without your permission.
  • Top up your data allowance with a data pack. If you've exceeded your monthly allowance, to avoid your speed being slowed until your next billing cycle.

    Good to know:

    We will help you keep an eye on your data usage by sending you usage alert notifications to your preferred nominated email address. If you are consistently going over your data allowance, it's probably time to upgrade to a higher plan.